Wednesday, 13 March 2013


A weeks holiday and although into spring the weather has been quite poor, snow, sleet, rain & high winds for the last six days, not to mention i have been laid up with a stomach  bug that has been doing the rounds and as a result surfing and cycling hasn't been an option, none the less today was sunny and dry albeit there was a rather stiff cold north east wind, despite this i headed out to the old A1 on the outskirts of Dunbar to practice with my Quad copter, the stiff breeze and the fact that i kept the quad in the ATT mode meant that the video is a little shaky, but I'm getting a little more competent each time i get out but still need a little more practice before i start making videos of surfers, which is why i bought the phantom in the first place, still practice makes perfect so they say.

Below is another phantom video i made a few weeks ago when the weather was much more accommodating, this is a flight over the remains of the old battery on lamer island at Dunbar harbor, and out over the forth.

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