Friday, 8 February 2013


So after setting up my Quadcopter the DJI phantom, now it was time to bite the bullet and fly it, so i cycled along to deer park and began calibrating the compass on the phantom, with this done without any problems i began the sequence to start the motors in the recommend GPS mode for the first flight the props kicked into life so i applied more throttle and all of a sudden i was airborne, i kept the phantom hovering about head high and started of slowly with a few easy maneuvers ahh this is to easy so i reduced the throttle and came down to land, easy i thought, lets try her in the att mode that the pros use, well it was a different story all together.......gave her more throttle and away she went, unfortunately not as easy to control the phantom in this mode of flight and was lucky not to turn the maiden flight into a expensive disaster, as i found out it was very easy to lose control once the wind comes into the play and i almost lost her to some tree's, with my heart in my mouth i eventually brought my new toy down to land albeit on an uneven surface and the props got a little tangled in some weeds, however no damage was done and i live to fight another day, but i'll be living that day in GPS mode until i'm a more accomplished pilot.