Thursday, 29 March 2012


With the sun splitting the sky i decided to get out my rock lobster xc bike and head east along to torness power station, which is my daily commute to work route.

The early summer bloom.

Cycle network route which takes you east and west and gives you easy access to the john muir way.

Industrail coast, torness power station.

Xc rocklobster mtb bike.


With summer on the way i have been looking at new longboards and while searching the internet came across slide 65, which are a newish company, after looking at there boards and chatting about them to a few surfers on the internet i decided on an old skool log with the dimensions around 9'6x23x3 50/50 rails quite a bit of tail kick and a deep concave in the nose for the small clean summer waves.

The owner and founder of slide 65 is rob wright a former cabinet maker, the boards are stunning and mine arrived on the 28 of march(yesterday) as of yet i haven't had time to get some pictures of it on the blog, but the forecast for the next few days is promising with surf in the 2-3 ft range, with the board came a true ames 9.75 fin and a free t-shirt stickers and a load of slide 65 postcards like the one above, so if your in the market for a new log check them out.