Thursday, 3 April 2014


 Now that i have finally gotten over the nasty virus that kept me in bed last weekend it was time to get the giant out for a run, and get some decent hill climbs in to blast away the cob webs.

The route i decided on was a quick loop that goes through stenton and passes east linton and is 20.3 miles long with some nice views  of the countryside, i used to do this very same route as a training run when i was a roadie, and would complete it in about 1 hour 15 min, but today it would be 1 hour 45 min of wheezing and coughing.
I left the house and cycled at a steady pace towards spot, the long steady climb into spot village was quite tough and i was glad to reach the top where i again settled into a steady pace and headed to stenton, Once i made it to stenton i struggled on, the steep climb at the west side of the village really zapped my legs and i still had a few steep climbs to come but despite a little wheezing and coughing i made it to the top.
This picture of East Linton was taken just after the climb up to lugget farm, where i was despite the mist enjoying the views and if being honest resting my now very shaky and tired legs.

I was now free wheeling down towards east linton, and it would be another 20 min tough peddling into an easterly wind to get home, where chocolate and coffee awaited.

Todays cycle really hammered home how unfit i have become, hill climbs i once could negotiate quite easily have become a real challenge, i plain to repeat todays feat at least three times a week from now on until my lungs and legs get stronger.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Today (sunday) i had planed to take a new addition of my expanding bicycle collection for a test ride, a Giant TCX cross bike, this bike will replace my rock lobster mtb, as my go to trail bike and commuter.

As i said i had planed to go for a longer test ride of this bike today, but unfortunately i awoke at 06:00 this morning with the start of another bout of man flu, i decided to carry on regardless but after a couple of miles my headache got the better of me so i folded and cut the ride short.

Disappointed i headed back into Dunbar along the backroad, it as you can see was a stunning morning with a light but very cool westerly wind and a beautiful sunrise,
I still have a couple of days off, so hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow and i can get out for a decent ride,