Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wet weather, typical for my day off work, the surf forecast was 2ft with a light north wind which made the surf a little gutless and mushy, but a day in the house is a day wasted, so i fitted the carver surf rack to my surly pugsley and put on my wetsuit and headed to belhaven beach, and at the last minute i decided to grab the tachyon HD micro camera as i have always wanted to make a surf clip, the mount i used was a delkin suction model which i must admit i was a little worried about its ability to keep my camera in place, but it did its job and the cam never budged from the front of the board, as i predicted the surf was less than perfect and i didn't get many good waves.

Monday, 14 May 2012


Monday night exercise with the inshore lifeboat the jimmy miff, decided to take along my tachyon HD camera and film the action, a little warning though it was a little bumpy due to the west wind and the speed of the boat which is 25 knots full speed powered by a mariner 50 hp outboard.


First film i've made with the tachyon micro HD camera, done a quick loop around john muir this morning and put the camera through its paces, the weather was a little nasty as per usual, the north winds have swung in a more common westerly direction and the temp was about 10 degrees there was a few heavy showers but not to bad once you where in the shelter of the pine trees at john muir country park, there is also a lot of construction going on at jm this week, they are in the process of building new toilets and a shower block which will please me and all the others that surf belhaven beach, happy days.