Saturday, 16 February 2013


Tuesday i had a day off work so it was up at 06:30 put a load of washing in the machine
and then get the rest of the house work out of the way, which left the rest of the day to myself, and as the weather was fair with next to no wind i grabbed the chance to get some more practice in with flying the DJI phantom, for this flight i kept the aircraft in gps mode and just performed some simple maneuvers as i only have two flights under my belt, i switched the phantom on and waited for the  flight iums to warm up which took about five minutes, once the led light turned to green i started the motors and hovered around head hight and took my hands away from the controls the phantom hovered at the same hight and maintained it's position thanks to the gps system getting a good sat reception, once i was satisfied that everything was working correctly i reduced the throttle and brought the phantom down to land and switched on the go pro camera, by this time i only had about 7 minutes of flight time left, as the lithium polymer battery only give about 14 minutes of flight time.
The DJI phantom has a return to home function, should the signal from the transmitter be lost the aircraft will return to the take off position and land on it's own, a good way to test this function is to turn off the transmitter in mid flight and as long as the sat-alight signal is good it will come home and land, however i've not had the confidence to try this yet just incase it goes pete tong.

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