Friday, 10 May 2013


Just recently i have rekindled my interest in fly fishing, something i have not done for over three years, so i purchased a permit from the pet shop in dunbar for the river tyne, looked out my fly rod and I've spent at least three hours every day this week fishing, the first day i must admit i was a little rusty and it took most of the first session to get my casting sorted out.
Tuesday morning i awoke early to bright sunshine so i loaded the surly LHT with my fly fishing gear and had a very pleasant cycle along the old A1 to the river, once there i studied the water and due to the warm weather there where a number of fish rising and plenty of fly activity on the water, the area where i wanted to fish was tight so i opted to use the tenkara rod, i tried to match the hatch as best i could with the patterns that i had in my fly box and tied on a small olive spider and aimed the line under a low hanging tree branch where there was a number of fish rising, for the first fifteen minutes the small trout ignored my fly so a change to a small wet greenwall glory, i again cast the line under the tree branch and started a slow retrieve of the line and bang fish on, although small these little brown trout put up a surprisingly good fight when fished with light gear, i fished on into the afternoon landing around eight brown trout all catch and release.


  1. Looks like a good day out. I'm all for light gear on the Tyne. Did you take the Kelly Kettle?

  2. Didn't bother with the kettle but will defo be using it when im out fishing this summer,probably on longer trips.