Friday, 20 December 2013


With the recent high winds its been hard work on the bike the last week or so, but today was perfect with light winds and mild temp, so it was down to john muir country park with the pugsley and another hour or so ride around the sandy single track, the scenery at john muir park and belhaven beach on the right day is absolutely stunning and this area is my all time favorite place to ride my pug, before i got this bike the beach was off limits and i did a lot of trail centers such as glentress and also quite a bit of road cycling, i'm now putting the cash aside for another surly bike thats even fatter, at the moment i have four bikes a bianchi road bike which hardly ever sees the light of day, a surly disc trucker, a rock lobster xc bike which i use for my daily commute to work and of course my pug, the pug is my fav bike to ride and is by far the most used out of all the bikes i own, sometimes at belhaven beach the sand can be very soft especially after big tides and even cycling the pugsley can be really hard work, hence the reason for fat bike number two, the above video was shot with the go pro the music is by public image ltd, the song the order of death.


  1. Great film Davie. You can't beat JMCP for a bit of space. So when are you getting the moonlander?

  2. Was going to wait until the lighter nights around spring time, but now that my minds pretty much made up could be a little bit sooner. :)