Wednesday, 30 January 2013


While off work last week i ventured out with the go pro hero 3 and tried my hand at  a little timelapse film, i visited the old castle ruins which overlook dunbar harbor that offer decent views out over the forth, as I'm still learning about the settings on this camera the outcome wasn't as good as i had hopped, the poor light and poorer positioning of the camera resulting in a poor first attempt at time-lapse.


  1. Got it working, I've changed browser. Looking forward to some more time lapse. Can you see a sunrise on the east beach from where you stay? Also, do you want to sell your tachyon?

  2. The sunrise on the east beach can be very nice depending on the cloud cover, been waiting over a week for decent conditions, also got a quad coppter ordered for some arial films with the go pro, that should arrive on tuesday.

  3. PS
    Sure i could sell the tachyon we will need to agree on a price catch up later this week.