Saturday, 3 November 2012


Saturday for me started with a hangover as friday night was the annual 999 Emergency services dance which was held in the Dunbar British Legion and as usual when i am feeling a little unwell the weather outside was stunning for the time of year with bright sunshine and very little wind, so it was off with the PJ's and on with the cycling gear and an hour's ride around john muir to try an erase what remained of my hangover.

I cycled through the woods and headed towards the skittery burn taking it nice and easy and stopping for the odd photo.

The sunlight was warm and pleasant, but once in the shade the temp dropped so i didn't hang around for long as i wanted to get on to the sand of Belhaven beach.

So i took a little short cut through the woods and cycled along spiky Island, once again out in the beautiful sunshine.

And while cycling along the beach i noticed these tracks in the sand, to thick to be from a pugsley so they must have been made by a friends moonlander another fat bike made by surly with even wider wheels which is owned by bruce aka coast kid.

With the rising tide i was fast running out of sand so continued on towards home, i headed along the old dump road towards belhaven and stopped to take a couple of pictures of the wildlife.

This grey heron was feeding in the shallow water, these birds feed on small fish, frogs and insects with it's long bill, herons will also take small mammals such as birds, it will often wait motionless for prey or slowly stalk it's victims, with another ride on the coast complete it was time to get myself home and give the bike a wash, hopefully tomorrow the weather will be as pleasant as it was today and i should be hangover free as i would like to get out on the water with my stand up paddle board, i'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Good stuff and well done getting a pic of a Heron. The always flap off when I get close. I'll keep an eye out for your sup tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, one thing i like about scotland in the autumn is the light conditions which can produce good results on film or digital camera.