Monday, 1 October 2012


 After the heavy seas we had here last week its been interesting cycling along the coast, with lots of debris washed up on my local beach at belhaven, the sand was also heavy and soft due to the heavy rain, but as you can see the pugsleys tires make light work of peddling over this type of terrain.

Can't remember the last time i have seen this much kelp washed up here, it was over two feet high in some places, Autumn now and the summer kelp bloom is dying away and the winter swells have wash it ashore.

There was also lots of wild life that suffered natures wrath, these sea urchins have been up routed and washed ashore over the hard ground which has removed most of the spines, lots of dead young sea birds where also lying on the beach.

A razor clam shell with the inhabitant long gone.

There has also been lots of sand moved about, hardly surprising with the sea state here last week.

Most of the local creel fishermen have reported lots of damage and some are even missing gear, this is a parlor creel so called because of the parlor trap at the end, the lobster is attracted into the trap with fish which is tied in a bait band found in the centre of the creel, the parlor trap is in the top left hand corner of the picture, a soft eye is tied into the netting which the crustacean thinks is away out, once it passes through the soft eye closes behind and the lobster is then trapped, these creels tend to keep 90% of what crawl into them making them the ideal lobster pot.

I cycled around the point and back in along the beach towards john muir country park, now the rivers and burns have receded and returned to there normal levels, the only thing left to remind us that there was ever a storm here is the odd uprooted tree and lots of drift wood scattered along the tyne estuary.

Surly 3.7 larry with large marge rims make beach riding possible and lots of fun.

Still going strong after nearly two years abuse, and lots more sandy fun to come.

I then decided to cycle through the park and make my way home, another enjoyable cycle on the coast.


  1. Great photos. There's something new everyday on the beach.

  2. Thanks peter, must admit i never get tired of riding along belhaven, it's a beautiful beach.