Saturday, 15 September 2012


  • So last week i managed to get most of the components for the LHT build, as you can see it's almost built up with the exception of the Dura ace bar end shifters, bar tape and drive chain which should arrive shortly, so will hopefully be rolling by thursday next week, i do however have racks and pannier bags to purchase  along with mudguards and of course a decent pair of peddles, at the moment i haven't made a decision which type to choose, spd's or flat peddles as i'm a newbie as far as touring cycling goes, here are some more pictures and once i have the build complete i'll post a component list next to the finished bike.    


  1. That LHT green looks so British Racing Green. Don't cut the fork, put another stem on with a mini bar for computer and lights etc. Well smart and the new blog layout is good too.

  2. Thanks peter i like that idea, never even thought about doing that, i still have a lot of accessories i would like to add such as panniers and bags, mudguards and your idea would give me more room for lights and a cycling computer as well as my Garmin GPS or even a handle bar bag,
    cheers for that.