Tuesday, 28 August 2012


 For some time now i have been looking at getting a surly long haul trucker, and almost ordered it at the start of the summer but decided to wait, however i went into my local bike shop and spoke to colin at belhaven bikes and ended up ordering a LHT disc frame and fork in british racing green, so now i have the task of scouring the internet for parts, so far i have ordered a chris king headset, a brooks saddle and the wheels which are 26'' xc 717 disks on SLX hubs, so the next few weeks should see the start of the build which i plan to post every time i add a new component, at this time the only thing to arrive is the brooks saddle which i was lucky to get from evans cycles for 65 pounds as they have all brooks seats on sale at the moment heres a picture or two of the saddle.

The saddle came very well packaged.

And looks stunning in dark brown, people say these saddles are very comfy once you break them in so i can't wait to get it on the bike and get rolling, but it will all depend on the pennies as to how quickly i can get the parts, next purchase will be the gears, i'll post more pictures of the frame soon.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the green frame. I fancy a Brooks too. It will be worth the wait.

  2. Hi ped, now the frame has arrived i'm getting impatient and just want to get it built up as i hate waiting for things.