Monday, 11 June 2012

With the sea winds not showing any sign of letting up and my shoulders and back muscles aching from constant paddling i decided to head out on the pugsley for a ride along the coast and give the surfing a rest for a couple of days, i also decided to have a play with my tachyon micro hd camera, the weather was quite pleasant with the sun making the odd appearance through light broken cloud warming me nicely as i cycled along the beach, the light northeast wind was a little cool and kept the overall temp around 12 degrees just nice for a bike ride, i headed west towards the tyne and out towards the boundaries of john muir country park, i made a quick film of the ride along the beach and stopped for a quick paddle in the cold north sea, before heading home for a shower and a rinse down for the bike, a quick ride of about an 1hr 30 min.


  1. Good stuff, we just need a summer now!

  2. It's looking unlikely, i can't remember a spell of sea wind's quite like this one, it's been every day for weeks, rain and northerly winds again for tomorrow.